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Crime Analysis Center
2406 E.
Skipping Rock Way
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
Phone: (520) 219 8144
Fax: (520) 219 8144

Law Enforcement Agencies

The primary functions of a police department are responding to citizens’ requests for police service, controlling crime and providing for the public safety. Everything else that a police department does revolves around these functions. Patrol officers answer calls from the public and investigators or detectives solve crimes. Special operations forces, traffic divisions, communications and community services divisions, etc., either support the call answering and investigative functions of a police department or provide for the public’s safety. Even administrative functions such as inspections, internal affairs and planning and crime analysis units evolve from the need to oversee or improve certain patrol, investigative or public safety actions. Obviously, law enforcement agencies are charged with a tremendous public trust and must respond as optimally as possible.

To assist law enforcement agencies to improve their capability to answer calls from the pubic more efficiently and to control crime and provide for the public’s safety more effectively, Crime Analysis Center offers insight and support in the following areas:

Resource Allocation

- Determining the number of patrol car area required.
- Determining the assignment/availability or relief factor.
- Determining patrol staffing requirements.
- Determining yearly budget hiring requirements.
- When to add new patrol car areas.
- Determining staffing requirements for annexed areas.
- Improving response times and other police functions.
- Determining optimum staffing schedules.

Crime Analysis

- Determining data availability and requirements.
- Detecting crime patterns.
- Determining crime trends.
- Determining crime/suspect correlation.
- Target and Victim Profiling.

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