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Crime Analysis Center
2406 E.
Skipping Rock Way
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
Phone: (520) 219 8144
Fax: (520) 219 8144


In lawsuits involving emotional or physical injuries or material losses sustained during a criminal attack, the safety of the area where the incident occurred is called into question. Is the location in a high crime area? What is the crime incident, arrest, and police call history of the location? Were adequate safety precautions taken for the protection of customers or visitors? Questions such as these need to be addressed in any successful lawsuit.

However, where does the information to answer such questions come from, and once the data is obtained, how can it be analyzed to produce statistically reliable answers that will hold up in court? Answers to these questions and more are what Crime Analysis Center can provide to assist your law firm in litigation of this kind. In addition, Crime Analysis Center staff have the credentials and experience necessary to provide expert witness verification of any such evidence presented in court.

In addition, Crime Analysis Center staff have extensive experience in conducting Internet research in a variety of law enforcement r
elated topics that could have relevance in lawsuit related matters. Topics ranging from police use of force to prison and inmate demographics and recidivism can be addressed. City-to-city crime comparisons and FBI crime statistics are also available for case support.

Today, an Internet presence is almost a necessity for commercial success. Crime Analysis Center can provide quick turnaround on developing an Internet site suited to the specific needs of the legal profession. The site will be developed with easy to use
software that can be updated and maintained by the user.

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