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Crime Analysis Center
2406 E.
Skipping Rock Way
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
Phone: (520) 219 8144
Fax: (520) 219 8144

Other Legal Services

Besides crime data acquisition, analysis, verification and expert witness services, Crime Analysis Center also offers a variety of other services to the legal profession. These include:

Internet Research

Law firms generally do not have the time to effectively conduct research into the non-law related topics that may have a significant bearing on their cases. The Internet has become an indispensable research tool for those who have the time and skill to use it. Crime Analysis Center can assist by conducting extensive Internet research into any of the following areas:

- Recidivism.
- Prison and deterrence.
- Trends in inmate attributes/demographics.
- Police use of force (lethal and non-lethal).
- Effectiveness of gun laws/restrictions.
- Crime trend analysis {national and local).
- Valid city-to-city crime rate comparisons.
- Detailed crime statistics for most cities.
- Access to published law enforcement articles/studies.
- Police operations and procedures.
- Many other topic areas of research or interest.

Web Site Development

Today, advertising your firm’s services on the Internet is almost a necessity for continuing success. This is especially true for new or small law firms. Crime Analysis Center can build a web site for you and get you on the Internet quickly. We will also show you how to enhance and maintain the the web site yourself or let us support it for you if you prefer. We use easy to understand web development tools that do not require complicated coding and can be easily modified by the user. Web site development services include:

- Gathering user requirements.
- Web site design and testing.
- Implementation.
- Training.

- Support.

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