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Crime Analysis Center
2406 E.
Skipping Rock Way
Oro Valley, Arizona 85737
Phone: (520) 219 8144
Fax: (520) 219 8144

Data Verification

The credentials of the individuals testifying in court on any evidence presented are of the utmost importance in successfully concluding a lawsuit. Previous experience in the subject area is a necessary requirement. Experts in analyzing crime data are not easy to find. Very few people work in this field. Even fewer have the necessary statistical background to authenticate the results of their analyses in lawsuit trials. Former police officers, detectives or law enforcement administrators are not necessarily expert witnesses in this kind of trial unless they have specifically worked as crime analysts for a number of years and have the proper statistical training to determine the significance of any comparisons that they are presenting.

This is why Crime Analysis Center differs from other “expert services” and can truthfully claim expert witness capability. We offer:

Over 46 years of actual crime analysis experience in data gathering, research, analysis and presentation activities.

Statistical training and expertise in performing accurate and reliable analyses of differences in crime, calls for service or arrest occurrence data for any given location or area.

Professional recognition and awards for proficiency and accomplishments in this field.

Actual court experience as expert witnesses in lawsuit trials.

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